Mich Packt die Wut

Topic: Intense Anger

Genre: Melodic Black Metal

This composition pertains to uncontrolled anger. During my childhood in Russia in the post-Soviet era, I encountered various challenges. These struggles, coupled with my difficulty in managing my emotions, particularly anger, added to my distress. With time, I discovered that my experience resonated with men suffering from borderline disorder, who often experience severe and recurrent outbursts of rage throughout their lives.

The lyrics of Mich Packt die Wut (Engl:”I am seized with rage”) describe these moments of intense anger.
The line
“Lass mich in Ruh, bis ich mich besser
Mich packt die Wut – meine Seele wird zum Messer”

“Leave me alone until I feel better/I am seized with rage – my soul becomes a knife” suggests the protagonist may become violent and act out in a blind rage if provoked.


Click to enlarge, Lyrics by Ivan Chertov

Click to enlarge, Lyrics by Ivan Chertov

Click to enlarge, Artwork by All Things Rotten

Call of the Sirens

Topic: Narcissism
Genre: Melodic Death & Black Metal
Guests: Michele Bouma & Esther Devries

“Call of the Sirens” is the first song written for the album and was inspired by an encounter with a narcissistic person. Before, I had only a limited understanding of narcissism, believing it to be simply an excessive love of oneself. However, after encountering a narcissistic person, I was shocked by their ability to manipulate, lie, and hurt others with a seeming lack of empathy. It was as if this person was creating a false image of themselves, blinding others to the reality of their true nature.

The experience reminded me of the story of Odysseus, who, on his journey home, had his crew tie him to the mast of the ship as they passed through the territory of the Sirens. The rest of the crew put wax in their ears to block out the Sirens’ song, but Odysseus was left screaming and begging to be released so that he could join the Sirens, even if it meant his own death.
This, to me, speaks to the allure of the sweet lies and false persona of a narcissist, and how easily one can be drawn in by their call.

Like Odysseus would follow the Sirens – you will follow her call!


Death March

Topic: Grief, Healing, Separation from the toxic
Genre: Melodic Death & Black Metal
Guests: Theresa “Resi” Winterhalter

“Death March” is a metaphor for the emotional journey one goes through after ending a toxic relationship. It can be difficult to leave someone you care about, even if they are harmful to you.

“Get rid of those who tear you down
Destroy them, beat them, crush their crown
Eliminate who holds you back
Don’t give a damn, don’t look back”

The pain and trauma of the split can feel like a march through hell. However, the lyrics of the song also encourage self-strength and perseverance. They advocate for eliminating negative influences and standing up for oneself.

The message is to learn from past mistakes and be more discerning in the future. Ultimately, the goal is to find healing and move forward in a positive direction.

“Learn from your mistakes, next time think twice”


Click to enlarge, Lyrics by Ivan Chertov

Click to enlarge, Artwork by All Things Rotten

Click to enlarge, Lyrics by taken from the poem “Дева Солнца” by Nikolaj Stepanowish Gumilev, written in 1903-1905

Дева Солнца Pt. II

Topic: Rejected Love, Madness, Poetry
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Ballad vibes

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and have a keen interest in Russian literature. Nikolai Gumilev, a poet of the silver age, hails from my hometown of Kronstadt (which is effectively a part of St. Petersburg). He traveled widely and wrote many different poems, some of which have a folkloric feel that I find particularly appealing.

“Call of the Sirens” is an album about narcissism, and this poem, the part two of “Maiden of the Sun,” (Rus. Дева Солнца) written between 1903 and 1905, fits perfectly with the mood of the record. It tells the story of a king who is searching for a young love, but as soon as he finds her, she leaves him, causing the king to snap and go on a killing spree.

Some have described the song as having a ballad-like quality, and the themes of emotional instability and blind rage are particularly relevant given current events. While it may seem unusual to use Russian language in this context, it is important to remember the history of Russia and the suppression of intellectual thought by the Bolsheviks, Soviets, and so-called russian “democrats.” Gumilev is a prime example of the dangers faced by intellectuals in Russia.

Blood Ov Franconia!

Topic: City of Bamberg, Franconia, Alcoholism
Genre: Power Death Metal

Bamberg, which dates back to 718, is a small town located in Upper Franconia on the Regnitz river. One of the things that struck me about Bamberg is that it is common for people to buy a pint of beer and drink it outside in the streets.

The city is home to 11 breweries, and I was told that it once had as many as 64 breweries serving a population of just 10,000 men. The city was even nicknamed the “city of pregnant men” due to the large bellies of the men who were said to drink more beer than water. At the time, it was considered safer to drink beer than water because the brewing process made it free of bacteria.

“Blood ov Franconia” is an ode to this beautiful city, but it also serves as a reminder of the dangers of alcoholism, which ties into the overarching theme of narcissism on the album.

Click to enlarge, Lyrics by Ivan Chertov

Click to enlarge, Artwork by All Things Rotten

Click to enlarge, Lyrics by Ivan Chertov

Click to enlarge, Artwork by All Things Rotten

Gods Don’t Negotiate

Topic: Psychopathy
Genre: Melodic Death & Black Metal/Folk
Guests: Guitar Solo by Marek “Ashok” Smerda 

Back in the day, Craving was friends with nowadays one of the biggest metal-related YouTubers in Germany. In 2015, we discussed the possibility of featuring “By the Storm” in one of his YouTube episodes. I offered to write a song for him, but he ignored the offer, which eventually became the composition for “Gods Don’t Negotiate.”

Later that same year, our former bass player, Leo, publicly criticized YouTubers on Facebook, which sparked the anger of this particular YouTuber.
He contacted me via private message to say that he would no longer support us in any way.
Acting impulsively with rage like a small child, without basically negotiating or letting me know what was going on.

Years later, this experience inspired me to write a song about psychopathy. “Gods Don’t Negotiate” interprets my idea of psychopathy as individuals who have locked away their capacity for empathy, contrary to the belief that they simply lack this brain function. The title was inspired by a multiplayer first-person shooter game that we all enjoy playing.

“Obey our judgement, you can’t escape
Because Gods don’t Negotiate!”

Prayer for the Rain

Topic: Despair, Hopelessness
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Guests: Fabian Mofid (Orchestra)

As a fan of documentaries, I was watching a film about a tribe of Brazilian Aborigines who were facing extinction. They had a ritual dance to pray for rain, which inspired me to write a melancholic song with a working title, “Prayer for the Rain.”

I wrote the first version of the song and sent the guitar pro file to our former bass player, Leo, who added two additional guitar riffs and wrote lyrics about despair, without consulting me about the meaning of the working title.
Despite this unexpected twist, the finished song turned out to be fantastic in my opinion.

“Prayer for the Rain” is the first symphonic metal song in the history of Craving, featuring orchestral parts arranged by our friend Fabian Mofid, who typically works in soundtrack and electronic music.
His arrangements give added depth to this depressing yet beautiful song. This is a slow song with a beautiful and epic symphonic sound. We think the resulting effect is very majestic.

“Whereever we go there’s no solace to find
No final redemption, no peace for our minds
And rest we won’t find, we handle the pain
So what’s left is the prayer for the rain!”

Click to enlarge, Lyrics by Leonid Rubinstein

Created with Midjourney AI

Click to enlarge, Lyrics by Leonid Rubinstein

Created with Midjourney AI

Star by Star

Topic: Fantasy, War of the Worlds
Genre: Epic Power Death Metal

“Star by Star” was completely written by our former bass player Leo as his final contribution to Craving.
He is a talented lyricist, and the lyrics for this power metal song with death metal undertones tell the story of a fictional war between planets. Musically strong, the lyrics fit with the overall concept of the album, even as they were written long before the concept was developed.

Psychopaths are often the instigators of wars, and it is truly deplorable to consider starting a war between planets.

We encourage you to sing along with us on this epic tune and join us on the final frontier of “Call of the Sirens.” 


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