Call of the Sirens

While Call of the Sirens tells a clear story of not following distractions and toxic personalities, in the video it becomes clear that the protagonists are not up for the challenge and will meet their doom in the lake of death!
Furious Melodic Black Metal meets Death Metal, fast blast beats and an Epic to the Core Chorus – the definite trademarks of Craving! Featuring Michelle Bouma and Esther Sarai Deviers on guest vocals!
Like Odysseus would follow the sirens, you will follow her call! 

Gods Don’t Negotiate!

Have you ever tried to negotiate with a person suffering from a God complex? Our hint for you: don’t even try to.
You will only end up tricked, damaged, or cold dead and gone because Gods Don’t Negotiate!
Follow us on this dark path of violence and rage – full of blast beats, epic choruses and violent screams!
Adding his blistering lead guitar skills to the song –
Marek “Ashok” Smerda (Cradle of Filth, Titanic) is our Top guest on Gods Don’t Negotiate! 

Death March

Have you ever been in hell?
Sometimes life guides you through it, but you have to push yourself and withstand the suffering!
Death March follows the epic path of previous Craving songs like ‘Penelopes’ Prayer’ or ‘Wenn der Wind sich dreht’ and delivers an epic feast for melodic death metal and black metal fans. Shot in a burned down ruin the video perfectly represents the inner struggle the protagonist is experiencing.

Picture by Ivan Chertov

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